Craftsman House Drapery Project Update

I wanted to take a moment to share a recent project with you. I have been working with Karen from Walls and Windows in Bellingham and she called to see if I would like to work on some drapes. It was a client who had purchased her fabric at least a year ago and had not been able to find someone to get them constructed for her. After a visit to the client’s home, I jumped at the chance.

The house is a beautiful, newly renovated 1906 two story with all the stunning woodwork to match. The drapes are floor length with sheers underneath. Some of the smaller windows will only have sheers. At this point the construction is complete and I absolutely cannot wait to do the installation! We are waiting for the final hardware to arrive. It should all be quite stunning. I just pray that the hem lengths are all good, so I don’t have to restitch them.

I’ll post photos as soon as the drapes are up!