If you are anything like me, your earliest memories of slipcovers were those horrible clear plastic nightmares that stuck to your legs when you had to sit in your grandmother’s living room, while on a visit with your parents. OK, I understand trying to protect expensive upholstery, but that was not an acceptable solution. Fortunately, things have changed and clear plastic covers are long gone, but slipcovers are still here, better than ever.

linen slipcover custom sewing and design by Sew Like the WindI was first asked to make a slipcover when I started Sew Like The Wind in 1995 and there was no way I wanted to try it. Who in their right mind wanted one of those things? Right? Well, the customer insisted and, frankly, I needed the job, so I decided to give it a go. After all, I had spent years making patterns for actors in the theatre, so this couldn’t be much different. As a matter of fact, it was much easier. Although I have worked with some of the most gracious and wonderful clients, furniture is much easier to fit than people. It doesn’t care or complain about the fabric choice or how fat or bad they think they look in the clothes. It just sits there, waiting to look fabulous in its new dress.

The finished product needed some predictable refinement, but the customer was thrilled and I realized that I had found a new skill that I truly enjoyed. Well-fitting custom slipcovers can be a joy to have in your world. Many of my clients are busy people, with furniture that gets well used. They have summer rentals, pets, kids, you name it and having covers that can be easily removed and cleaned just makes sense. Whether you want to throw them into the wash, or dry clean them, it’s all possible. I have made many canvas or denim covers which have washed up beautifully.

IMG_0787Other clients have used their slipcovers to match the seasons. One client had an entire wardrobe of covers for some matching chairs. She could change them out as her mood changed! The options are only as limited as your imagination and I am here to help. Ideas, thoughts, questions? Please feel free to call!