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If you are anything like me, your earliest memories of slipcovers were those horrible clear plastic nightmares that stuck to your legs when you had to sit in your grandmother’s living room, while on a visit with your parents. OK, I understand trying to protect expensive upholstery, but that was not an acceptable solution. Fortunately, things have changed and clear plastic covers are long gone, but slipcovers are still here, better than ever. (more…)

Craftsman House Drapery Project Update

I wanted to take a moment to share a recent project with you. I have been working with Karen from Walls and Windows in Bellingham and she called to see if I would like to work on some drapes. It was a client who had purchased her fabric at least a year ago and had not been able to find someone to get them constructed for her. After a visit to the client’s home, I jumped at the chance. (more…)

A Day in the Theatre

You often hear the phrase that “you can’t go home again”. Well, I recently had an experience that completely disproved that belief.

One of the reasons I started sewing oh-so-long ago, was because I had also started acting in plays as a young girl and I needed someone to make my costumes. Finding that person always seemed to be a challenge so I started making them myself. Long story short, that eventually lead to a career in professional theatre costume shops. I entered that world as a stitcher ( or seamstress) and grew into a Draper (pattern maker) after a few years. I loved that life and the many challenges it provided. I did work I never thought possible, met colorful and exciting people and despite the frequent long hours, had more fun than I ever could have dreamed. (more…)